Gagik Karapetyan

Non-traditional (alternative) medicine is the arsenal of methods for diagnosing, preventing and curing the patient. This came from ancient times and has already found its place in our world. With the help of non-traditional medicine we cure vertebral diseases such as osteochondrosis, radiculitis, saline cuties disorders, ischias,  scoliosis, kyphosis, arthrosis, discalhernia, arthritis, migraine, giddiness, and different defects of motor system.

The peculiarity of the method treatment is that a human is accepted is a whole system. For instance, if one part of the vertebral column  is defected, the whole  spine should be ‘’fixed’’ as well as other functional organs  connected with it. Statistical data show that vertebral diseases have become a great problem in the world. 85% of all diseases appear due to the vertebral problems. When  Hyppocratus  had difficulty diagnosing the patient he recommended massage for the back foreseeing rapid recovery.

In the process of cure we use medical and classic massage, manual therapy, acupuncture, phytotherapy, rice therapy and a complex of physical and breathing exercises. The duration of each session is 45-60 min. three times a week. The duration of the whole course is 12-17 sessions depending on the patient’s condition. The sessions differ and are accompanied by relaxing music and are completed by psychotherapy.

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