Dear Doctor Gagik Karapetyan,
I want to take this chance to thank you for everything you’ve done for me, I really think you are a great doctor. I hope that we will meet again after your visit to Armenia. His isn’t the end! I’m really glad that I have met you because every time you attempt treatment on me I feel really safe. I felt that you were a part of our family, I enjoyed your company! I will miss you very much, but remember we will meet again! I don’t want to write a lot, because I hate good-byes. I know we will have a great friendship in the future. Have a safe trip to Armenia I will always remember your humor, doctor!
P.S. 1. – Nstel enk taxten, spasum enk baxten!
P.S. 2 – Your magic hands have a great impact on my back pain! Thank you very much!

From our family to ours sincerly, best wishes from 
Sasoon Yousefian
Glendale, California, USA


To Dr. Gagik

When I asked him, who cures you, he said my students! He said it with such a pride that I would have liked to be one of his students. I thought that like Jesus he had disciples who believed in him and protected him. Apparently he cured lots of famous and not so famous people. I believe that it is not through his medical massage but more through his soul and his willing to help people to feel better. I went to him with pain in my arm but more than that, my real pain was in my soul, my body was full of negative energy, sadness and my heart was broken. His hands were trying to find where the pain is to try to cure it but he discovered that it is beyond the body.  In the beginning, I did not believe in him it was a new experience, I discovered that all Yerevan is talking about him and believing in his magic. I confessed to him my doubts, he just went silent and continued what he was doing, and he knew that at the end I would convert. I came back cured from my broken heart, sadness and have lots of positive energy. I felt so well I realized that I had not been happy for a very long time. Everyone notice the difference in my attitude and his magic went through my body and bones to my soul.
I want to tell everyone about him, I found myself whenever people were asking how Yerevan I was talking about him and his magic hands, and that the trip was a healing one.
God bless him and hope he continues believing in what he does and its power.

Nairi Avedissian
Cairo, oct.2009



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