We often hear expressions:”He has an evil eye”, “He has brought evil’’ etc. To keep away from an “evil eye” people sometimes turn to one and thousand superstitious often absurd means. The energy medicine suggests their own solutions: correct breathing, and preserving healthy, spiritual and physical harmony. In order to be protected from a negative aura, in folk language “evil eye” and other superstitions, we deliver explanations of manual therapist academician Gagik Karapetyan.

Sometimes when people converse, somebody appears and the atmosphere seems to change, the conversation stops. The reason is that the person has a negative aura- in folk language “an evil eye”. Such people impact on other people’s health.

What is “an evil eye”? Aura is a capsule surrounding a human and having a shape of two eggs one inside the other. It consists of seven colored layers each of which has its own meaning. They are deformed if encounter another aura stronger than theirs. The energy medicine language says that “a wedge has been driven in the certain layer”, that is it is a start of a new illness.

The scientific research has shown that the body of a healthy and well-trained human makes a sound. An evil eye cannot influence negatively on such a human. In other words, in order to avoid an evil eye, one should take care of one’s health.

People say: the person caring for the sick is sicker because he is in contact with a person whose aura is damaged, for example in crowded places like at the markets, movie halls, etc.  People start to feel tired very quickly and feel bad. In crowds, contacting with other numerous auras, the protective layer of your aura gets damaged. You have certainly noticed that the Japanese during negotiations are sitting with their fingers tied, or keep the hand in the palm. These protective means have been worked out for centuries. Yet, a person might take this or that pose quite instinctively, for instance: in closed pose, one leg on the other, or with crossed arms and legs. The Indians, to protect themselves from evil eye, have worked out a system of breathing exercises, which contains the elements of yoga. To breathe correctly means to breathe through a nose, as a mouth is an organ for swallowing. Both nostrils have different functions: one regulates the physical state, the other – mental state. To maintain the body harmony the nasal canals must be open for breathing, both nostrils must work accurately and regularly.

Sometimes due to plastic surgery, people change the shape of the nose being unaware that the nose gets rather a large amount of information from space and discerns a lot of things in  nature. After structural changes the person’s character, physiology, and other states undergo changes too.  Hard breathing through the nose is often connected with energy disruptions in the body, and the surgery: the extract of nasal shells doesn’t bring any positive results. The nose is completely formed by the age of 35-40, before that it grows, undergoes changes connected with the rate of body growth, character, health and human’s activity.


We often hear: “action currents met”, “my heart is with you”, “the stars caught” when we like a person. It means that aura colors by structure are in harmony and might merge. They say that people love with heart, but it is not so. In order the likeness between the people grow into love, it is necessary that the scent and color of the aura coincide, that is, no matter how strange it seems, a person loves with his nose and coincidence of the aura color.

There are people who are not liked in their surrounding; it is caused by the features and structure of their aura. They are inferior and anomalous, who even do not know what love is. When one loves the layers of both auras do not push off but merge. Many years ago on the territory of the USSR there were held energy research among doctors and it was found out that only 15% of doctors under research may go close to the patients to cure them. The disruption of aura layers opposite the laws of nature, it is a fact that dogs bark at drug addicts, alcoholics and mentally diseased. Animals are closer to the nature and feel disruptions faster. Few people know that a human is a microcosm that is a human is the center of all galaxies and is connected with nature. When Vivaldi was asked how he composed “The Seasons”, he answered, that the nature is audible, and he has just a sharper hearing.

My grandson can hear a barking dog in the distance, imitating he says “wa-wa”, straining our ears we become sure that the kid really heard the barking dog. A child is still very close to the nature. The nature gave a human an ability to acknowledge himself. We start to spoil a child by wrapping him in warm clothes and putting him in a soft bed. We reduce the 200- year life given to people by nature. The more science develops the more life reduces, the illnesses increase, new ones appear and spread. Doing breathing exercises a human can have a longer life, improving the health to the degree that “dark energy” would not have any impact on him. One should follow the healthy lifestyle rules, be wise, and drop bad habits. A human is attractive having a positive aura, and this cannot be bought at any store. Physical and spiritual efforts are necessary. One should regularly do exercises, keep hygiene, have balanced diet, obey the laws of nature, maintain faith, be optimistic, strive for self-perfection, communicate with kind people, speak sensibly and not much… All these are prerequisites to have a good aura.

The interview was prepared and materials arranged by A. Sargsyan