Genetic Consequences of Interrelation Connections- Incest

From the point of view of moral ethics interrelation connections are not accepted, and the marriage between close relations is considered incest. The genetic consequences of such phenomenon are also hazardous. In major children are born with different physical, psychological, and body anomalies. We suggest explanations on this matter by manual therapist, academician Gagik Karapetyan

When I studied at post-graduate course in Moscow, I was a chairman of academic board and was aware of health condition of foreign students. For instance, Arabs, in majority, have problems with eyesight and hearing, etc. They marry their relations, say, have four wives, and these four wives’ children might also get married to each other. This problem can be found among other nations, the Chechens, for instance can kill a woman if she marries a man of other nation. The subject of interrelation marriages has been studied, but, however, it is a very actual topic for all times. The genetic researches cannot find out why one loses hearing and eyesight, the other walks on all fours, and the third has mental problems. But it is obvious that there is some code which is infringed. An experiment was held in England among a group of pedigree dogs. They mixed the dogs of the same blood, and the outcome was that the latter lost sight, hearing and nose. The dogs trained for hunting, and boundary defense are no good for such service.

Once I discussed this matter during panel discussion on TV with Aziz Tamoyan, the chairman of Armenian Easer society The Easers have their castes and a marriage beyond this caste is not acceptable. However, he mentioned they knew of negative impacts of this phenomenon, but they cannot discard their traditions. If the traditions for a long time have negative consequences for the given nation they should reject them and think of healthy lifestyle. But we have good traditions. Our ancestors used to say: until seven generations have passed the man of this clan cannot achieve the lady. No research on seven generations has been held, but people just felt the negative impact of incest.

I often ask my patients about their tree of life, and many of them do not know even the names of their predecessors. The relative connections are lost and so, people might get married not purposefully. Many people do not pay attention to this fact, which is indifference towards the future generation. According to statistics every nation or a family remaining and reproducing within them, loses some certain genetic qualities that is why it has become actual to insert other nations for replenishing the old one.

For instance, the Turks almost managed to cover their unattractiveness, creating marriages with pretty women of other nations. Today we can see blue- eyed, blond Turks – people of a different appearance. Or, in Turkey one can see sport equipment everywhere for adults and children; they want to look like Europeans of Europe where the outcome of expenses for healthy lifestyle is considered, that is to have healthy, hardworking generation thus the importance of their genetic fund. Yet our predecessors had always objected to their sons’ marriages to foreigners. I remember when my brother wanted to marry a Russian girl my father strictly objected to that. This problem has always been and is. But why, being so absorbed in his own world of sadness and sorrows an Armenian, roughly speaking, was looking for the destiny like his own, found the one like himself, being always under the pressure of other countries , he tried to have surrounding both here and  abroad. A marriage to a woman of another nation but of the same religion might bring a new current in the nation’s genetics, preserving the national values such as the language and the culture.

A question arises, is it true that incest can cause the birth of inferior children? Exactly – yes. This problem has visible(physical) and invisible (mental) sides. It is necessary to consider the problem globally not to have population with low intellect. Our society is full of people who are extremely jealous, evil-minded, annoyed – it is also abnormal and can be expressed by some or other kind of brain or nervous system problems. The Buda says: there are people, who truly walk on two feet, but really they are beasts, they have to die several times and return to earth life to develop and become human. As a minor nation, we should not ignore such problems, if we want to have a good and healthy society. If we were a developed country we would not ask the neighbor to open the borders without reasons, and they would not ask us to open the door realizing what we are doing. In other words, politics, religion, science are connected by such insignificant matters.

As a microcosm, a human is the mostly hard controlled of all celestial bodies, the whole universe works in harmony, rhythmically, and if the time slows down for just some microseconds, it will be the end of the world. Speaking of dependence on the universe power, we must have certain knowledge on controlling our body and instead of repeating the mistakes of people surrounding us, we should learn from their blunders, if we want to live in a civilized environment.

The interview was prepared by A. Sargsyan.

 “Իրավունքը de facto”,  թիվ 66 (126), 28.08-31.08.2009թ.