Spinal Cord and the Secret of Longevity

In numerous folk sayings the condition of the spinal cord is connected with character and a person’s being. For example: a stiff, not a flexible spinal cord – stiff minded, depressed person, to break the back (the spinal cord), etc. How much is the spinal cord condition connected with the person’s character? We decided to ask this question to one of the best specialists manual physiotherapist academician of medico technical academy of RF Gagik Karapetyan. Our reporter held the meeting in his office, where they had a very interesting interview. At first minutes of the interview the atmosphere was, calm, warm and trustworthy. Besides that Gagik is a brilliant specialist he is also a very intellectual scientist. He has about 100 scientific works, several fiction books, among them “The Hell” devoted to 7th December 1988 disaster, around 3000 radio and TV programs.

Rep. Doctor Karapetyan, it is not a secret that we, Armenians, very seldom follow a healthy lifestyle, and unfortunately teach our children the same thing. Many children even at an  early  age have carriage deflection. Can it cause any disease?

G.K. Judge for you: 90 % of people having carriage deflections cannot breathe properly. The furniture our children use does not correspond to ergo metric standards which results in such deflections in musculoskeletal system, with all other consequences.

Rep. We are not in the habit of doing morning exercises even for a few minutes every day. May it be connected with absolute inattention paid to physical training lessons at schools?

G.K. Of course, it is a great negligence. It demands a serious governmental approach and attention not only to schoolchildren’s health, but also to people of all ages. Today we really have a problem to maintain the Armenian gene pool. Unfortunately, the facts prove that physical exercises and health maintenance are at a dangerously low level. 87.5% of our citizens walk incorrectly; have some deflections of musculoskeletal system, which further bring to vertebrae diseases. I want everybody to remember that the human’s age is defined by his vertebrae.

Rep. Nowadays the expression “to live in harmony with nature” is widely spread. What is your opinion about it?

G.K. No doubt we are inseparable with the universe; all energy processes and quality changes occurring in our body are exact repetitions of energy changes in our surrounding nature. The energy in our body moves in certain direction, and а metabolic imbalance causes any kind of diseases.

There is a sharp need to have physical and spiritual training to resist to weather changes and unexpected climate changes. Health and beauty are gained by hard self labor, in spite of your being healthy or not. This work includes:

  • Everyday exercises
  • Fresh air as much as possible
  • To have ecologically healthy food, easily digested, quickly removed from the body
  • To drink 2.5 -3 liters of water daily

A long sitting (for example, in front of a computer) changes natural bends of the spinal cord, causing pressure on spinal muscles, joints and sinew of the back. My personal advice: get up every hour and have 5-10 minutes’ walk or stretch. It will reduce the strain and make one feel better.

Rep. What is your opinion about health of Armenian women in general?

G.K. Taking into consideration hard, social, economical, and psychological situation in our life which results in growth of various diseases, certainly, the health condition of our women is far from satisfactory. One example, after 30, 80-90% of women suffer spinal and nervous diseases.

Besides the above mentioned, in my opinion, one of the reasons is indifference of men towards women, and the perception them as laborers.  

Rep. I know some cases when a man’s jealousy and why not, egotism, sometimes prohibits a woman to turn to a man doctor.

G.K. The majority of women-patients remind prisoners. There are men who send their wives to doctors with an “escort” as if they are jealous. In different European countries in the result of anonymous social quest it has been found out that to the question “Have you had more than one man?” 87.5%  of women answered positively. And to the question “Is your wife unfaithful to you?” 96.7% of men answered – no. You see, a man in his calculations is unsophisticated. He sees facts as he wants to see them, and we saw that he was mistaken. So, if a woman wants or intends to do something, a man won’t know anything about it.

Health and beauty can’t be bought at the market. It demands daily exhausting labor. Dear women, don’t be lazy, take care of your body, find a way to a healthy lifestyle, take up natural means of treatment (manual therapy, heeling massage, acupuncture, homeopathy physical and breathing exercises),which give striking results. If a person takes care of his health no doctor can know better than yourself what is good for your health. Take care of your body if you want your brain to work properly. Physical exercises, shower, swimming, and a diet will help to keep your health and make a woman more attractive and healthy.

Rep. Doctor Gagik Karapetyan agreed to become our consultant, so if you have interested you questions you may address to our editorial office and get complete answers.

“Dear Women” magazine, free appendix No.2.