Spring is the Best Time to Clear the Body

Spring is the most expected season, but exactly in this season lots of diseases raise their heads. What are the reasons? How to welcome the spring, avoiding the problems connected with the health? We are interviewing the manual therapist, academician Gaghik Karapetyan, the author of 120 scientific works, 3000 radio and TV programs, two volumes of lyrics. He has recently returned from the USA, where he worked on a contract.

- I was in the USA for about 10 months. The place I lived  in had roses in blossom in winter, and it was terribly hot in summer. It is quite natural to remember your homeland and one starts to appreciate the fact that all four seasons are distinguished vividly in our country. The beginning of spring is the period of energy changes in nature. A human is a particle of the nature, and as a microcosm, undergoes changes in nature and space. The nature is very wise and ”warns” the human about the problems in his body. People stand afar from the nature, they have bad knowledge of their body. A disease is dormant during the latent period and then it bursts out brightly in the form of an illness. The diseases are intensified in spring because of a human’s indifference. In this season the Nature, no matter how weird it seems, purifies the feeble. People say: “If a person survives the spring he will live.”. That is, the body fights the diseases in spring to balance energy crisis.

- How to understand the meaning of “energy changes”?

- There is energy direction in nature. For instance, in winter, in order for the skin to protect our body, the energy motion is directed from inside towards outside. In spring this motion is directed from outside towards inside, from bottom to the top, and from left to right. A great amount of energy is required to preserve a) harmony state b) if there is a health problem the body must fight it. For such cases the specialist’s aid is necessary. It is very essential to make a right choice of a doctor,. Sometimes this choice might be crucial for person’s destiny, success, and misfortune. A doctor should be a teacher, intelligent and competent psychologist, should know the human’s body, and use the curing methods going back to ancient times(homeopathy, manual therapy, healing massage).

- But the spring provides positive store of energy.

- Certainly, spring colors, warmth, and the sun have an impact on human’s body and psychology. The mood improves, the level of adrenaline in blood rises. Love is awakened in the hearts of people in spring. In many countries the spring might be very hot, however, they write about spring, celebrate the first day of spring. For example, the Moldavians present each other with mertseshores(to tight white and red flowers) . This is life improvement. The stir.

- As a doctor – therapist, what advice would you give: how to welcome the spring?

In winter the human’s body is overloaded. In spring there is a need to purify, to clean the body, giving preference to vegetable and full of vitamins food. It is no mere chance that the fasting period falls on spring. Everything should be done to preserve health. Physical and breathe exercises should be done. They must constantly be a part of a human’s life. It is necessary to gain the art of controlling your body. Isaac Newton used to say: “Perceive your body and  become the Lord of the Universe”. One should express his emotions correctly. In Chinese energy medicine it is mentioned that all humans’ emotions should go through their channels.


The interview by A. Sargsyan

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