The article “pederasty” has been withdrawn from the new criminal legislation of the Republic of Armenia. The RA law “to take military service” releases homosexuals  from military service. On December 9 Armenia joined the UNO  declaration “ The human’s right defense in matters of sexual orientation and sexual independence”.

If  in the past “the blue romance” was condemned and kept secret, today it takes its constant place in our reality. The freedom and the biblical claim “to love your neighbor” is accepted by a certain minority as a means to adjust it to their needs, and  justify themselves and even propagandize their “free” love. By the view of majority, homosexuality is a disease; is it necessary to give a person a right to get ill? Or is it correct to propagandize such relationship? They also say the connection between homosexuals is harder, which can be explained not by the power of their love but by the fact that they are in the minority.

In the opinion of manual therapist, academician Gagik Karapetyan, homosexuality is an organic deflection connected basically with deflection of genetic code. “For instance, one may encounter girls having male features in their behavior, which is also is a consequence of hormone deflection. There are men who behave like women, avoiding the male society, are bound to look like women, they are rather like that, womanly.” says the academician.

Homosexuality is widely spread in certain countries. It is hard to connect it with genetic deflection, it is rather the result of propaganda of “kind” attitude of people.

“The surrounding and conditions might also play a certain role. For example, they often say that such phenomena often occur in prisons, but after releasing such propensities disappear, that is, the deflection was temporary. But there are people who have everything: money, wealth, power, fame. They can afford everything. This includes having several wives, diversity of sexual relations, even perversion, homosexuality etc”.

Non-traditional orientation cannot be considered a disease of current time. “The Indian “Love Temple” built in 3 B.C. has depictions of 140 kinds of sexual relationships, including unisexual people. It means that homosexuality has historical roots and exists not only among people but also among animals.”

But this phenomenon is often noticed among famous people, outstanding artists.”When I was at post-graduate course in Moscow (in Gorbachev’s perestroika times) there was an exhibition, where all students flooded to see something. I found something interesting: in the works of sculptors and painters there were homosexual scenes. It is hard to say whether it was a cause of a certain interest, or it was psychological diversion by nature, however the ancient artists had some interest which urged them to see, draw and display these phenomena. To evaluate their art does not mean to follow it. Suppose, there are three stores. One offers indecent goods, if you don’t like, just don’t enter that shop. Life is the same: there are a lot of examples and always will be, but the choice is yours’’.  

How is this phenomenon interpreted by Chinese energy medicine?  “The right part of a human’s body is maternal, the left part – paternal They are called IN and YAN. That is – they are opposite poles: plus – minus, male – female, man – woman. Human’s body organs also observe the same law. These In and Yan parts of a human body are in constant fight, to equal the energy balance. For instance, when in the period of body grow the balance of In and Yan is broken, one part of muscular structure is stronger as compared to the other – the vertebral scoliosis appears. That is, homosexuality is also some kind of diversion: man’s female energy supplies defeat woman’s and vice versa. From energy point of view it is considered as anomalous. A misbalance takes place, and hormone changes which bring to these and other diversions. In other words, there should be pre-conditions for a person to have corresponding behavior. Psychologists also observe anomaly in the behavior of homosexuals. As a doctor, a poet and as a man I consider that a woman created by God is a great achievement, a genius piece of art. Imitating a woman a man disrupts the woman’s image. What happens? In nature a male animal must fight, struggle, win and bring the trophy home. The same with people: the main burden of family support is on the shoulders of a man. Fancying himself a woman, a man tries to take off the burden of responsibility, pretending to be a week, unprotected woman in need of care, that is a destroyed psychology. Let nobody think that homosexuality is present only among men, we have no data in our country, but the number of lesbians is not lesser. It is just because the countries with high moral code try to conceal this phenomenon.

The attitude of our society towards sexual minority is not similar. No matter how far their rights were protected they are treated with disgust, disdainfully, avoiding to socialize with them, and sometimes with unbearable burst of rage. And others think homosexuals are rather good friends. Moreover, in order to look intelligent nowadays one must treat them with understanding and humanity.

“One of my clients says that her hair-dresser is a homosexual and that he is a very good friend and company. It is because he sees the kind of woman in himself and they are easy to communicate. But not all women will attend such a hair-dresser, or socialize with such a person.”

Gagik Karapetyan during his post-graduate years worked out a system of football playing for boys and girls of various ages. The academic council discussed and rejected the article, but two months later the article was published in Germany. “I was asked, if you had a daughter, would you allow her to take up football? Certainly, I wouldn’t. But there are girls who all the same choose this kind of sport ( and not only football), and  the need is to work out a scientifically based methods. Really, two years later the international football federation admitted women’s football.”

Mr. Karapetyan is the author of 300 radio and TV programs, over 100 scientific articles, a whole range of fiction books, which are based on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As a scientist he should treat such phenomena peacefully, but he is embarrassed. He is against that homosexuality spread among our nation and be supported by the church. In his opinion this problem can be overcome by creating good public moral codes.

And finally, if there is a wish, can this vice be abandoned?

“People display a will power and might give up drug addiction, smoking, and alcoholism. In this case they can have a will power and take up sports, find other interests like book reading, change their lifestyle… Although there are no exact prescriptions to cure such and other psychological and behavioral diseases of the  kind . However the science develops there are problems which remain unsolvable. Psychologists may have conversations, there are specialists who can change the sex organs – to make a woman out of a man and vice versa, but the health diversions can’t be treated. It is a big problem in world medicine.

Psychologists, physiologists, anthropologists have come to mutually exclusive conclusions .

 Yet, one must not just look at it and allow the problematic phenomena to spread. From the Circus building up to the former monument to the laborer concrete fence has been built, the road was split into two parts; people used to break road rules, but now people are forced to observe traffic regulations even willy-nilly.

For  the public to have a correct orientation, there is a need of efforts of scientists, artists, lawyers and media.

It is a must not shoot, curse, and persecute sexual minorities. But it is necessary to show to the public everything that is positive, worthy, be attentive to child upbringing, and lead the country to the right direction, propagate healthy and nice lifestyle.

 Article is prepared by A. Sargsyan


“Իրավունքը de facto”,  թիվ 78 (138), 9.10-12.10.2009թ.