“I Ran on the Sand and My Headache Was Gone”

Different spinal cord problems, corns on toes and deflection, unpleasant smell, even chronic headache – all these are directly connected with a phenomenon called flat feet. There are various levels of flat footedness, but, if to be consecutive it is possible to avoid further complications connected with this widely spread phenomenon. Manual therapist academician Gagik Karaprtyan presents his opinion on this problem. .

Flat feet is an incorrect structure of the inner part of the heel, which is defined by a descended bridge. It brings to carriage deflection and is mainly inherited, sometimes gained. Heel deflection is often observed at hairdressers, waiters, shop-assistants, who due to their job conditions have to spend most of the day on foot.

A foot consists of 26 small bones which are connected with each other by joints. Having a flat feet disrupts this structure. According to Chinese medicine the Earth is the element of a foot, if a foot has a problem the energy cannot emanate from the foot. By the way, it is worth mentioning that the right and the left feet, according to energy medicine, have a different notion. The right one is maternal: emotions and sub conscience, the left is paternal: mind and logics. Because of flat feet, pains in feet, corns, arthritis, deformative arthrosis appear. Everyone can define whether he has flat feet.

It is necessary to cover both feet with fat, standing on a paper so that the body weight falls on both feet. The feet are printed on the paper, the outer part might be connected with a straight line, draw a vertical line from the middle of the line and divide it into three parts. If the fat print overlaps the second line, you have a flat footedness. If parents are attentive and notice in time that a child has a flat feet, this problem can easily be improved by exercises. In case of need special orthopedic shoes can be worn.  A deflection of one part of the body can cause a deflection of the whole system. If, for example, the foot is flat, then the triceps (protuberant part of the shin) is strained, chest part is bound forward, and the whole muscle system of the body adjusts to this bind. People who have flat feet often have headaches due to the lack of heel amortization. All blows are loaded on the spinal cord, micro blows fall on the brain too, when walking or running. Proper shoes wearing and having a right foot is a problem of national genetic fund. It seems insignificant at first sight, but it is connected with serious deflection of human carriage which brings to different diseases and disability.

Foot care and treatment should become a daily job. First of all it is necessary to choose a proper pair of shoes: they should be with thick soft soles, heels and toes open. Shoes must be very comfortable on feet. Any tight kind of clothes makes blood circulation difficult causing harm to the heart, as corsets for instance, belts, suspenders, ties and the most important – tight shoes that make blood circulation more difficult than any mentioned above. High heeled shoes which are frequently worn by women assist to carriage deflection, trouble nerve-masculine system due to which pains in the back appear, as well as different spinal diseases. Because of improper shoes none of 52 foot bones is in the right position. Blood is not delivered, haemostasia occurs, chemical wastes remaining in the cells cause bad smell, vessels are injured and as a result various types of body carriage deflections are formed. Pressing, synthetic stockings and tights are also prohibited. The nature created a human to walk bare footed, and high heeled shoes and other conventions are deflections. Even the way shoes are worn out it is possible to define what disease the owner suffers: if the front and inner parts are worn out – the owner of the shoes has problems with a liver, if back upper part – problems with kidneys and so on.

Toe deforming is the last level of flat foot, in this case it is impossible to help completely, but if the deflection is painful and hinders lifestyle, everything must be done, even the operation.                                 I suggest a number of exercises and some advice. It is useful to stand in two bowls filled with cold and hot water one after the other, this stipulates a quick blood circulation in feet.

It is good to walk with different parts of the foot: pressing heels and toes as if walking on a rope . Take a sitting position and put under feet a walnut, a bottle and roll with heels. Bare feet walking on a rug also regulates blood supply and improves heart work. It is also useful to clap with heels, or pressing them try to take objects with toes. To push a ball while sitting or lying or lift it with both feet. It is desirable to sit on the outer part of the food cross legged . It is very important to strengthen the heels by massaging them. Every fifth person in the world has a flat feet problem, I should say that all reflective centers of our body are situated on heels, palms and ears.

One of the wizards said: “I ran on the sand and my headache was gone». A human organism is one integral whole, a system connected with each other. To understand how important the human heel is, I would say that it is a centre of all biological spots with the help of which it is possible to regulate all organs system of a human. When having flat feet people do not turn to a doctor, they are indifferent, but keep in mind that flat feet releases a person from army service.

Prepared by Armine Sargsyan.

“Иратес de facto” No.31(241), 2010г. Декабрь 3-6