People Live Exactly Half of the Life Gifted to Them

We often hear the expression “I have a headache”. This problem does not avoid anybody. Headaches occur from time to time, but sometimes they are of chronicle character. In order to relieve the pain people use different medicine: tempalgin analgin, spasmalgon, aspirin etc, “Pain killers cannot bring the organism to the state of harmony that is to cure. They do not remove the true reason of a headache; moreover, there are several reasons.”, says the manual-physiotherapist academician Gagik Karapetyan and he adds that a headache is a form of self-protection, your organism signals that something is wrong. We present Gagik Karapetyan’s explanations on the given topic.  

“Headaches are mainly connected with the disruption of human’s organ system activity.” says the academician. It is necessary to reveal and cure the main disease. In some scientists’ opinion the main reason of headaches is connected with accumulation of certain harmful elements caused by metabolic disorders. Professor Harry Williams (lived 114 years) is sure that headaches are connected with disfunction of intestine tract that is why headaches are often accompanied by constipations. If the pain is concentrated in one part, there is a pulsation, the pain grows stronger with each movement, speech, a strong light – it might be migraine. If the pain appears in the morning, and it is of pressing character, then it is necessary to take the blood pressure, as it looks like hypotension.

If the pain occurs after a long work on the computer, while reading – then fight with eye tiredness. If the pain is of pressing character and appears in the middle or at the end of the day – you have strained neck muscles or you have neck osteochondrosis.

Headache can be a consequence of tumor. In this case the pains occur mainly in the morning and are accompanied by sickness. The patient’s state aggravates, he loses weight, and convulsions appear.

A sharp headache accompanied by aggravation of eyesight, speech, coordination loss, sickness might be a consequence of head injury.

The reason of a headache can be sharp infectious diseases, immune system weakness, irregular and excessive medicine use, stresses, depression, flat foot, various spinal problems especially in neck part. It is possible lying on the back to press right and left points located behind the ears, take a deep breath and keep your breath for 3 minutes. Then close your eyes and lie for 5 minutes.

There are traditional methods of treating headaches. No matter how strange it might seem, but if you drink a glass of hot water, the headache will disappear in twenty minutes, as  headache sometimes appears due to water misbalance. Two cloves of garlic might also be of help. It is also useful to massage the temples with dill oil. You may drink freshly squeezed potato juice (half an hour before eating: two dinner spoonfuls during two-three weeks).

One spoonful of plantain brew for 15 minutes, the liquid should be taken by small sips every other day. Cotton pads dipped in beetroot juice to apply to the ears. It is also possible to apply cut in halves onion to temples for 15 minutes and tie up. We advise to put your head to a window glass and relax. Of great help is massaging Xe-Gu points, which are situated in the pit point of a thumb and a forefinger. This point releases the pain and the headache disappears after a two-minute massage clockwise. The massage of toe thumb may also take away the headache.

To cure a headache people often turn to neuropathologist, but he hardly will be able to define the real reason of a headache appearance. Non-traditional medicine suggests healing massage and acupuncture, which according to scientists’ research is a more effective method (43% of patients cured) as compared to medicine treatment (16% of patients cured).

In general, it is necessary to strengthen your body: once-twice a week to take a cold shower, to have walks more often, one-two minutes at least to stand on the snow. Try to avoid alcohol and smoking – they contain poisonous substances which penetrate into the brain. Sometimes because of unwariness people say that alcohol and smoking cancel a headache, but they have narcotic effect and temporarily release the pain. It is advisable not to eat anything (18-20 hours) in a week, to spend at least 12 hours in the nature. Breathing exercises are very important because in bulk headaches occur due to insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain. The Chinese medicine says: love the nature if you want to have a stable spirit, it instructs to help the sick and the poor, do everything from the bottom of your heart, that is to be kind.

A very important thing is a smile. The central point between the eyebrows is called “the third eye”, it should not get wrinkled. Strange as it seems, one should smile more frequently. Depressions assist to adrenalin secretion to the blood and aggravate the general state of the organism.

The Armenians as a sad nation walk with thoughtful, gloomy faces. Seeing everywhere smiling faces abroad they are surprised, yet they are advised by psychologists to smile frequently and to be happy. Sometimes a human has unbearable headaches but the analyses show that everything is normal. It is not by chance that energy medicine says that if a person has a headache his aura is deflected. One should overcome fear, pride, malice, jealousy, strain.

Modern technologies: computers and mobile telephones have a negative impact on the organism causing  headaches. Mobiles should be kept in leather cases, it is prohibited to keep mobiles under pillows or near a heart. Nowadays people spend most of the day in front of computers.  Lack of motion (hypodynamia) became one of the reasons of human’s diseases. We have a habit of drinking coffee when we have a headache. I would say that coffee does not help, we just convince ourselves and it seems helpful. When a fortune teller says something, a person thinks so much about it and convince himself that it comes true.

Humans have the power to live 150-180 years, but because of their mistakes they live just half of their life.

Prepared by Armine Sargsyan